And the winner is…

Congratulations to Kathryn Hunter! You are the winner of the Speckled Frog pattern giveaway! Thanks for stopping by my shop and enjoy your new pattern!


It’s a Giveaway!

Last winter I started up K1 Sew Too and just a few months ago I created a fan page on Facebook. Since then I have found many other wonderful, crafty businesses throughout the States and our neighbors. One such small business is Speckled Frog Crochet. And guess what – she is talented and generous!

Just follow the rules below to win one of her great patterns.

  1. “Like” Speckled Frog’s Facebook page
  2. Go to Speckled Frog’s Etsy page and choose which pattern you would like to win (Some of my favs are at the bottom of this post.)
  3. “Like” my Facebook page (K1 Sew Too)
  4. Post a comment on my Facebook page with the pattern you would like to win from Speckled Frog

All the steps above must be completed by Wednesday, September 7th at noon central. Easy peasy, right? I will draw a name on Wednesday evening and will contact the winner via Facebook and email at that time! (You must leave an email where you want the pattern sent! Feel free to email me directly if you do not feel comfortable leaving it on my Facebook page –

Good luck to you all and enjoy Labor Day weekend! I know I sure will as the 5th is my birthday! Yippee!


Below are some of my favorite Speckled Frog patterns. Doesn’t get much cuter than this, eh? 🙂

Speckled Frog's Mystic Owl Hat

Speckled Frog's Mystic Owl Hat

Speckled Frog's Sweet Slumber Giraffe Hat

Speckled Frog's Sweet Slumber Giraffe Hat

Speckled Frog's Dinosaur Hat

Speckled Frog's Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap

Speckled Frog's Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap

Contests, Giveaways, and Drawings


My local yarn shop is doing a series of contests over the summer with the winners (and a random voter!) winning sweet, sweet yarn. It is $60 for the winner and $30 to the winner of the voter’s drawing. What a great promotional idea, right?? Anyway, the first contest is a knit monster. Ooooooo scary. No, they’re actually pretty cute. 🙂 You can vote for your favorite monster on their Facebook page here or on Nancy the owner’s blog here. Folks are allowed to vote once through each venue. Don’t forget, that’s two entries to win $30 of free yarn!!

And my own shameless promotion… my monster is #11 – Mr. & Mrs. K2tog and I if you are a KT customer I would sure appreciate your vote. 😉 Don’t forget you have to “like” Knitted Together on Facebook in order to vote on their page.

Tasha's Mr. & Mrs. K2tog

Mr. & Mrs. K2tog

Giveaways and Drawings

Let me start by saying I have always been a fan of giveaways and contests. Sign up for “this” and get “that” free. (Though more often it is “…have a chance at getting that free”!) Every year I go to the Iowa State Fair and enter the Varied Industries Building with sign-ups in mind. Hot tub? Yeah, that’d be sweet. A set of fancy pans? Of course! A new lawn mower? Why not! Or so my thinking goes… I even have an email specifically for companies, contests, giveaways, coupons, etc. 🙂

That being said… I have never won a drawing. Ever. For anything. Ahh, persistence… I will not give up! Haha.

Anyway, that brings me to the real meaning of today’s post. I found a post on Ravelry where crafters (namely knit, crochet, and yarn folks) can list their sales, blogs, contests, and promotions. Yippee!! I spent most of Saturday morning signing up for April contests and then bookmarked the page for future reference.

You will find the post in the “Needlework on the Net” forum. There is a new post every month or so titled, “Sales, blogs, contests or promotions? Post here! (Month Year)”. A lot of the bloggers ask you to do one of many things with each item being an entry to their giveaway. Here are the most common requests:

  • Comment on the blog by answering a question
  • Follow their blog, Twitter, Etsy, etc
  • Pick a favorite item from their Etsy or Ravelry shop
  • “Like” their business/shop on Facebook
  • Tell others about their giveaway, contest, etc.

Again, great promotional idea, huh? I also got a great idea from Crochet My Love Designs on Ravelry. She posted a new pattern and put a link to her Facebook page in the pattern’s description. She then told potential buyers that a “Like” on her Facebook page would earn them a free pattern! Woo hoo! I love all of these promotional ideas and am excited to try them out when K1 Sew Too is a little more robust. If I am going to have a lot of people viewing my pages and work I want to be able to “show them what we’re made of”, so to speak!

Alright, so here are some of the drawings I entered in the last couple of days. Perhaps I’ll win one… Perhaps…

  • Blog – A yarn giveaway! And some cutsie pictures. Mmm…. yarn!
  • Blog – Winner gets pretty dishcloths, chocolate, soap (the kind I use!), and chap stick.
  • Blog – Winner gets one of three patterns. There’s a really cool shawl/jacket and a nifty hat/cowl as well.
  • Blog – The first ten to post get the materials to make a military doll. Even if you don’t win the yarn there is a free pattern for said military doll. Cute. And it’s meant to be made for soldiers and/or their families. Who doesn’t like a good cause? 😉
  • Blog – This contest was to win some BEAUTIFUL yellow yarn. The contest is over and I didn’t win… but the yarn is still gorgeous and I have added a new, cool company to K1 Sew Too’s likes on Facebook.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I hope you enjoy the drawings, giveaways, etc listed. Is there a special place you go for great deals? If so, please share!

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