Lady Sparrow Scarf and Hat

Back in February I was browsing the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry  and came across Nitza Coto’s Lady Sparrow Scarf.

Lady Sparrow Scarf

Nitza’s Lady Sparrow Scarf

It is beautiful, no? And my love for birds just spurred my need to volunteer as a tester. I found no errors in the pattern and quickly memorized the rows. I think I got it down to approximately 20 minutes per repeat which means this lovely scarf really didn’t take too long to complete.

I have worked on lace before, but I would say this is my first completed project involving lace. 🙂 I think this is important to note as one gets a beautiful end product with a fairly simple lace pattern. I would for sure recommend this as a first for those who want to try their hand at lace.
This scarf also involves the kitchener’s stitch which I had never done. This is a wonderful technique to add to your repertoire and Ms. Coto explains it very well in the pattern. She also has a video on her blog that shows the stitch in detail.
Anyway, the matching hat came out for testing a short while later and I volunteered for that as well.
Lady Sparrow Hat

Nitza’s Lady Sparrow Hat

 Unfortunately I had none of the dark blue yarn I used for the scarf left over to use on the hat so I now have a blue scarf and a purple hat. ‘Tis unfortunate… However, I have decided on a solution to this problem! I am going to make this set in a beautiful winter blue and enter it at the Iowa State Fair! Any ideas on what I should call the set? I am thinking winter sparrow scarf and hat or snow bird scarf and hat… Hmm…

I am very excited to start this project again and very much recommend the purchase of one or both of her patterns. The end result is just lovely. You may purchase both patterns on Ravelry by clicking here or on her blog by clicking here.

Oh, and below are my finished products from both tests!

Lady Sparrow Scarf and Hat

Tasha's Lady Sparrow Scarf and Hat

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