In Bloom Cloche

It’s finally here! My In Bloom Cloche is officially for sale on Ravelry, Etsy, and here on the blog.

I posted two projects on Ravelry about a month ago to good response and a short while later posted the cloche in the ‘Free Pattern Testers’ group. I ended up with five wonderful testers that helped me with the clarity of the star stitch and gauge. I couldn’t have done it without them and now feel very confident placing my pattern for sale.

I hope you all enjoy this new crochet pattern! And don’t forget you can purchase a finished cloche if you don’t know how to crochet!

Click here to purchase through PayPal for $2.50!


Ever since I first saw Malabrigo I loved it. I was in Iowa City for work and since I was just getting into “fancy” yarn I hunted down the LYS to see what was available. The yarn shop was Crazy Girl Yarn Shop and at first I didn’t see anything I wanted to spend money on. (Don’t get me wrong, it is a very nice shop.) However, I was just about to walk out the door when I turned to my right and saw the hanks of Malabrigo Merino Worsted. The skein below (color: Loro Barranquero) is what caught my eye.

malabrigo merino worsted - loro barranquero

Pretty, huh?

I made my first knit hat out of that skein of yarn. (Note: Never make your first anything out of fancy yarn!) Anyway, I loved the colors of the yarn as I knitted, but the yarn does fuzz a little since it is not superwash. Really, that is my only complaint. And Malabrigo fixed that by making Malabrigo Rios! It is a merino wool superwash. Rios is my favorite yarn ever. It knits well, it crochets well, the colors are great, and it doesn’t get fuzzy. It’s also super soft. Ever since I bought a collection of Rios I have been looking for stitch patterns to show off the beautiful colors best. Two of my favorite stitches are the honeycomb brioche (knit) stitch, the crossed brioche (knit) stitch, sc in the back loop only, and the (crochet) star stitch.

Honeycomb Brioche Pidge

Honeycomb Brioche Pidge

Crossed Brioche Winter Headband

Crossed Brioche Winter Headband

This leads me to ::drum roll:: my star stitch “In Bloom Cloche” and back loop only “Spring Spirals Beanie”! They were inspired by the beautiful colors of Malabrigo and a hankering for a spring crochet hat pattern. Clicking on the Spring Spiral Beanie picture will bring you to the blog post with the pattern. (The In Bloom Cloche is currently being tested and will be released for sale soon!)

Spring Spirals Beanie (free pattern)

In Bloom Cloche (pattern for sale soon)

Close-up of In Bloom Cloche

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