It’s Been Awhile…

Well, I started this blog back at the beginning of January and then I kind of fell off the planet when it comes to updating. 🙂 However, I do have an excuse…. Back at the beginning of February I had surgery and while recovering I have been doing nothing but knit and crochet! How is that for an excuse! 😉 As soon as it is sunny I will take pictures of my projects and perhaps put a few new items up for sale in the shop.

Speaking of the shop, K1 Sew Too is again open on Etsy so stop by for your Bearded Warmth pattern!

My most current project is a felted drawstring bag which I am making for one of the nurses at Methodist. I had trouble breathing a couple of times while in the hospital and the last spell ended in a panic attack. Anyway, my nurse that day was named Michelle. She was great. It turned out I was getting enough oxygen (so said the little machine), but it just felt hard to breathe and the like… She got the right medicine, held my hand on one side and Aaron was on my other side. It was very comforting to have them there. I mean, I know it’s her job, but she was very patient and kind. She was funny, too. Aaron liked her as well.

felted drawstring bag for my wonderful nurse at Methodist

My progress thus far...

She had pink shoes and a pink watch so I thought she would like a pink bag! I am also going to borrow my dear friend Carrie’s needle felter and felt a flower stem and darker pink flower onto the side of the bag. 🙂

My other current project has a deadline of Monday! Yikes! Why a deadline you ask? Well, there is a group on where designers can have their patterns tested. This group has a set of rules for both the designer and the testers. The pattern I am testing is called Lady Sparrow Scarf and it is a great pattern. It is easy to memorize and the end result is great. I will post a link to her finished pattern once it is released. Below is my first half of the scarf and I plan to finish the rest right on time – Monday!

blue "Lady Sparrow" scarf for a ravelry test

Here is the first half of my scarf...

Well, that’s about all I have for now.  Do you have any gift projects or deadlines coming up?

Referrals & Bearded Warmth Pattern

Around October 2010 I was browsing and found what I thought to be the coolest hat ever. It was a hat with a beard and mustache attached. I asked Aaron, my husband, if he would ever wear it. He said, “sure”, he would wear it while running to keep his face warm. I asked the Etsy seller if I could purchase her pattern, but she declined. So….. I made my own beard and mustache pattern! (For sale here!)

It probably took me three days to come up with the final design and then I had it tested by some kind folks in the community. During this time I posted some pictures of my first creation on Facebook. What a hoot! My friends and family loved it! An old family friend requested four for Christmas gifts. Of course I took her up on the deal and made two knit hats and two crochet hats with attached beards.

Thankfully she liked the finished product! Woo hoo! It turns out her sister-in-law also liked said hats and requested two today. I consider this my first real sale as it is the first product I have crafted to be purchased by a person I do not know. Yay for 2011 and the opportunities it holds!

Also, this is a good reminder for anybody who makes a purchase from me or anybody else…. referrals rock! If you enjoy your finished creation then let others know where you got it. 😉

Bearded Warmth Beanie

Click here to purchase through PayPal for $2.99!

A brand new year

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog!

Today I watched the movie “Julie & Julia”. I wouldn’t say it’s a great movie, but I did find it inspiring. Since I started yarning* a couple of years ago I have noticed many, many craft types have a blog dedicated to their craft. Well, last November I started K1 Sew Too, my very own knit, crochet, and sewn items shop. (Of course my mom is the “sew” part, but it is mostly my shop. 🙂 Haha.) Anyway, I figured it was about time for me to start my own blog.

Here you will find my latest projects, ideas, and perhaps even a recipe or two. 🙂

*yarning – my word for knit and crochet

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