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Well, I’m not sure this was one of my goals, but I think it should be added…

I’ve noticed a lot of online tutorials for crochet and knitting lately. And… I think this is something I would like to do as well. I’ll also add a few patterns for beginners to help get the new folks started. 🙂 Look back in the coming months (goal is by January 15th) for a post with the basic crochet stitches, detailed photos, beginner patterns (with more photos!), and tips and tricks for beginners.

Note: This online tutorial will also be good as a follow-up for those who take my class at Knitted Together. Trust me, the more you see it the more it will make sense!

Heartland Fiberpalooza

Well, folks, I think I may get to check another goal off my list come this weekend! A family friend has a booth at Heartland Fiberpalooza and has been granted permission to let me sit at her booth and bring some of my items. (I don’t have enough items for my own booth yet.) I have been feverishly making bunny fridgies and other small items to try to sell. I think by Saturday I’ll have some fridgies, a felted frog (he’s not felted yet in the pic below), three hats, a scarf, and one headband. Plus whatever I can finish tomorrow. 🙂 Either way, I’ll have some business cards and should meet some nice fiber folks! You should come if you have $3.00 and some spare time! I especially invite all yarn enthusiasts as there will be a lot of yarn vendors at the show.

I hope to see some of you there!

heartland fiberpalooza items for sale

Finished items for Saturday's Heartland Fiberpalooza

Bunny fridgies for Saturday and my pre-felted frog


This is my first real year of business and I hope to make the best of it. Now how do I keep myself on track…? Goals, of course!

  1. Get some fans – while I love my family and friends, some outside fans would be nice 🙂
  2. Become a faster, yet still accurate, knitter
  3. Become a brioche expert – Edit: Is it possible to be a brioche expert? How about…. understand brioche enough to manipulate the stitches… hmm…
  4. Create a minimum of five patterns
    1. Two crochet hat patterns
    2. One knit hat pattern
    3. One slippers pattern
    4. One sweet scarf pattern
    5. At least one pattern will incorporate the brioche knitting stitch
  5. Attend and sell products at a craft show or similar event
  6. Have a selection of products ready to sell
  7. Truly figure out knit hats
  8. Make enough money to reduce my “real job” hours
  9. Stay sane and don’t break any needles

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