Chilly weather, warm yarn

Good morning, all!

It’s that time of year again… it’s cold outside! I prefer the warm weather (think swimming and ocean), but the cool weather definitely has its perks. I fall in love with snow and stay rather fond of its beauty until about January. (Once February rolls around I’m just about ready for 80 degree temps!) And, of course, cold weather means I get to wear hand knit hats and scarves. It’s such a beautiful thing! (I also enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving in the middle of the cold!)

Anyway, I’ve also noticed this time of year brings a swing of sales for my Bearded Warmth pattern. (It does keep one’s face cozy!) I’ve sold more patterns than I ever thought and have been enjoying the pictures folks post on Ravelry. It’s about time I show case some of my favorites, eh? (PS – You can check out all of the lovely pictures and, if you choose to do so, make your purchase here.)

Here is a newer beard from makuahine on Ravelry:

From amazingrace on Ravelry:

Also from Ravelry, naturalstateknits Bearded Warmth:

And last… a kind woman by the name of Cynthia purchased my beard pattern last winter and altered it to make it AWESOME! She sells her sweet beards in her Etsy shop. Check it out:

AWESOME! She sells other cutesy stuff here on Etsy and has her own Facebook fan page as well. I just love how this turned out. How creative!


I’m so thankful to all those who have purchased and enjoyed my pattern. If you happen to make a pattern of mine (purchased or free) please link it to Rav or send me a picture via email. It is so fun to see how others interpret my designs and make it their own. (Not to mention the fun yarn choices, too!)

Stay warm and enjoy all those hand knits this season!


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