Daisy Trail Cuff

This cute crochet cuff is simple and sweet. It was based off the knit version by Champagne Maker; her version is called My Secret Life With Bees. This pattern is easy to alter to fit any wrist size.

Daisy Trail Cuff

(More pictures at the bottom of the post.)You will find more of my patterns here on Ravelry.com.


  • 3.5 and 2.75 mm crochet hook
  • ~20 yards sport weight yarn (color A)
  • ~8 yards fingering weight yarn (color B)
  • Suggested yarns: Mirasol Yarn Nuna and Ella Rae Lace Merino
  • 6-10 beads (your choice depending on number of flowers)
  • 2 buttons
  • Tapestry needle


Gauge is not particularly important for this pattern as you can add rows to make the cuff taller and you can add chains to the initial chain to make the cuff fit any wrist size.


  • ch – chain
  • sts – stitches
  • ss – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet

Cuff Instructions

ch. 31 with color A and 3.5 mm hook

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and remaining chains; ch 1, turn (30 sts)

Row 2: sc across; ch 1, turn

Rows 3-9: repeat row 2; cut yarn, weave in ends

At this point you will attach color B along the bottom left corner of the cuff and follow the pattern below around the edges of the cuff. You will now be using the 2.75 mm hook as well.

  • (sc, ch 3, sc) in each stitch along the bottom
  • 3 sc in the corner; sc in the next 3 stitches, ch 4, sc in next 6 stitches, ch 4, sc i next 3 stitches; 3 sc in the corner
  • (sc, ch 3, sc) in each stitch along the top
  • 3 sc in corner;  9 sc along the side of the cuff; 3 sc in the corner; cut yarn; make an invisible join, and weave in the ends

Now it is time to embroider your cuff. You may embroider whatever you’d like, but I used the lazy daisy stitch to create the daisies on my cuff. You will find a video here. The woman is use fabric and embroidery floss, but it is the same technique.

Next I attached two buttons on the sc side of the cuff. They should like up with the ch 4 on the other side of the cuff.

Last, I sewed fabric on the back side of the cuff for structure. It isn’t necessary, but it is fun to pick out fabric and good sewing practice!

Note: This is a relatively simple pattern; however, it has not yet been tested. Please let me know if you have any feedback! Also, this pattern may be used for whatever purpose you would like to use it. If you happen to sell something using this pattern, please put a link to my blog.

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